About Us



Bobbi Allan

Bobbi is the director of Mindfulness in Education. She has over 35 years experience in Mindfulness practices. She has been leading Mindfulness meditation retreats for the past 12 years and is also trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Her professional background is in adult education and training in government, community and private organisations, where her expertise was in management and supervision skills, workplace communication, conflict resolution and mediation and stress reduction.

She has taught Mindfulness to Year 11 & 12 students to help them deal with HSC stress. She also leads 6-week “Mindfulness for Teacher Wellbeing” classes, based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program.Bobbi is passionate about introducing Mindfulness to schools. She has researched Mindfulness in Schools programs around the world, and is impressed and excited by the results they are achieving.




Shakti Burke

Shakti developed creative approaches for teaching mindfulness to school children while delivering weekly classes for several years at her local primary school (Kyogle Public). Working in the classroom allows her to explore optimum ways of presenting mindful awareness to children of all ages in fun and engaging ways.

She also teaches adults and enjoys a passion for devising interactive activities that bring mindfulness to life in group settings. She teams up with Bobbi Allan in Mindfulness in Education, presenting Mindfulness instruction to teachers as Staff Development and visits classrooms to give demonstration lessons. Shakti draws on a 27 year background in Mindful Yoga.



Mindfulness in Education (MiE) is part of a growing worldwide movement to introduce Mindfulness to children via school-based programs.

Bobbi and Shakti have provided training for over sixty Primary School teachers and 18 High School teachers from North Coast schools.

They have delivered one-day training programs to six separate clusters of teachers since 2012.

  • Dunoon, The Channon, Blakebrook and Larnook primary schools.
  • Tabulam Primary School.
  • Rous, Tregeagle, Broadwater, Woodburn, Whyrallah, Empire Vale, Cabbage Tree Island and Newrybar primary schools.
  • Crabbes Creek, Byron Bay Community School and Mullumbimby High (School Counsellor and Head Teacher Welfare).
  • Coomera Anglican College, Queensland.
  • Coffee Camp and Bex Hill Public School teachers


Plus in-classroom demonstration classes at:

  • The Channon Primary School
  • Byron Bay Community School
  • Bex Hill Public School (Ys 3-4)
  • Coffee Camp Public School

To date, the training days have been presented at host schools and delivered on a designated ‘Staff Development’ (pupil-free) days. Interested parents can attend the first session (up until morning tea) which includes a Mindful Parenting presentation.


Whole School Mindfulness Program 2014

During 2014, Bobbi and Shakti made eight visits to Dunoon Public School, NSW, Australia to embed a mindfulness culture across the school. Each visit they spent an hour in each of the four primary classrooms, covering a range of mindfulness-related topics. A constant feature was a 3-minute guided session of meditative focus. Teachers were encouraged to continue the 3-minute session on a regular basis.


Mindfulness in Schools training attended by MiE:

  • The Hawn Foundations’ introduction to the MindUP program which is in over 1,000 schools in the US, Canada and the UK
  • Mindfulness in Schools training with Janet Etty-Leal, author of ‘Meditation Capsules: a mindfulness program for children’, who has been teaching Mindfulness in Victorian Schools for ten years
  • Training with Dr Amy Saltzman, who has taught mindfulness to young people from pre-K to college undergrads in socioeconomically diverse school, and community settings in the U.S.A. for many years.