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Mindfulness for Primary School Classroom Teachers

2019 One-day Professional Development Trainings

Thursday 20th June 2019 – Lismore

Thursday 27th June – Tweed Heads

Thursday 8th August – Lismore

Thursday 15th August – Tweed Heads

9 a.m – 3 p.m. (5 hours plus breaks)

This training course provides systematic and explicit training in the theory of Mindfulness and a variety of positive and engaging practices and activities suitable for students of all ages and stages.  Mindfulness supports SEL and the PDHPE Curriculum to increase students’ cognitive and physiological control, decrease stress and anxiety, increase emotional control, self-regulation and optimism, giving students a basis for resilience and the resourceful management of their lives.

The five sessions cover:

1.      Introduction to Mindfulness in Theory and Practice: the Mindfulness Triangle Model, based on current neuroscience, and its applications in school-based mindfulness programs.

2.      Engaging student of all ages and stages, including students with special needs, in a variety of short, interesting and fun activities which can be integrated into normal classroom lessons.

3.     Mindfulness, SEL and the PDHPE Curriculum: Mindfulness practices for increasing emotional intelligence through understanding and valuing oneself and others.

4.     Leading the Core Mindfulness Practices: based on Breath, Body and Movement, and scheduling these in your classroom.

5.     Developing Positivity and Wellbeing through Mindfulness: research based classroom activities to develop positive qualities such as kindness, generosity and appreciation, supporting the Wellbeing Framework for Schools.

“When we need to calm down, settle in, and focus, Mindfulness helps. It’s also helped my 2nd graders understand their own behaviors and emotions. We can discuss the different ways we’d respond to something disturbing, sad, or stressful using the brain, and help them understand why we sometimes react the way we do.”

Fee: $225 

Follow up in-classroom demonstration lessons of up to an hour are available for $70 per class.

Trainers: Bobbi Allan & Shakti Burke, Mindfulness in Education.
Bobbi and Shakti are both experienced teachers of Mindfulness. They launched Mindfulness in Education in the NSW Northern Rivers in 2015 and have since presented this training to over 200 teachers, and provided follow-up classroom lessons to hundreds of students in local schools and early childhood services.

Information & registration: / 0428 886 147

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Mindfulness Skills for Teacher Well-Being


Six 2-hour classes run over 6 weeks at a time to suit your teachers

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Teachers need and deserve supports to flourish, professionally and personally. In an educational era of high stakes testing, tightening budget constraints, and other increased pressures, teachers all too often encounter a cascade of stressors which impact negatively on wellbeing, and lead to high attrition rates.

Mindfulness is a valuable wellness and self-care tool for teachers, demonstrated to increase resilience and reduce teacher stress and burnout.

Six Mindfulness Skills:

  • Your Brain & The Power of Presence
  • Coming to Your Senses – Body & Breath
  • Seeing from Fresh Perspectives/Beyond Habitual Thinking
  • Surfing the Emotions
  • Mindful Communication
  • Positivity, Kindness & Resilience

Each week you will learn personal mindfulness skills to support your well-being. You will learn about the neuroscience of mindfulness & how to re-balance your nervous system. Mindfulness will enhance your calm, focused presence in the classroom, help you increase positivity and enjoy a better work-life balance.

The course will include information and strategies for introducing Mindfulness skills in your classroom.

Fee: $250 

$225 per person for school groups when the school provides the venue.  Min. 10, max 20 participants per class

Bobbi Allan has over 35 years experience in Mindfulness practice, leads mindfulness meditation retreats, and is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction. Her professional background is in education & training. She is the director of Mindfulness in Education, and has taught mindfulness to over 80 teachers and to students.

Information & registration: / 0428 886 147

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Whole of School Mindfulness Programs

The Mindfulness in Education team can work with school principals and staff to design a program to meet the specific needs of your staff, students and parents. Mindfulness in Schools programs are most effective when all staff are trained, enthusiastic, and consistent in including the mindfulness practices in classroom lessons. Building a culture of mindfulness has transformed class rooms and whole schools.  To date we have run a year-long program with Dunoon Public School, and a three-year program with The Pocket Public School

‘Happy, Smart & Calm’ classes for HSC (Yr 11 & 12) students
Mindfulness training helps HSC students learn to focus their attention and prepare their brains for studying. It also helps to settle emotions, calm exam nerves and strengthen memory pathways. This training is usually offered as a series of 6 weekly classes in schools – within a school period or after school. Or as a day-long workshop. Contact us to discuss.

Mindful Parenting Classes.
We will be offering these from time to time, or if you have a group of 10 or more parents, contact us to request a class.